We create spaces which inspire

We are a team of dreamers and solvers. We accompany designers and architects in their search for solutions to give their projects value.

We believe in good design. Good design is artistic. Good design is curious. Good design asks "why?" and doesn't stop until it finds a stunning answer. Our design process is always focused on a specific goal, which is why the result inspires.


Knowing the overall idea

Our starting point is always to know what the customer needs and expects in terms of the project to be implemented. Once this is clear, we analyse, adapt and execute based on our experience and knowledge.

We start off from a pure idea, without any conditioning factors.


Finding balance

We start off from an overall idea. We let our imaginations run free. We devise, create, consult and adapt. We ensure the idea has the right balance before making the first decisions.

Adapted decisions which converge and motivate us to continue.


Space whispers to us

Ideas begin to take shape and the space becomes more present. Each element, each detail oozes harmony. We quickly feel how the space communicates with us, and everything falls into place.

We create details which generate presence and elements which give shape.


Coherent discourse

The end result is undoubtedly a pleasant space which inspires and moves. A prize for good coordination, for the know-how of many years and for the passion contributed by all involved.

Sensations which are born and emotions which fly.

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We are a team of professionals with a passion for architecture and design, extensive experience in the sector and a commitment to our projects and our customers.

Montte Bilbao

Alameda de Urquijo 12
48008 Bilbao
+34 94 416 77 77

Parking: Instituto Central
Alameda de Urquijo, 14

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Montte Donostia

Urbieta 64
20006 Donostia
+34 943 292 312

Parking: Easo
Plaza de Easo, 8

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Montte Vitoria

Plaza Santa Bárbara 4
01004 Gasteiz
+34 945 14 05 58

Parking: El Corte Inglés
Calle Indepencia, 3

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